I have been collecting urban fossils since my mother told me: “no more dirty rocks in your room”. As I grew up and learn more about Palaeontology, I realised that fossils are a non-renewable resource and collecting them is actually quite selfish. Finding fossils is an exciting activity, but keeping them in a closed box in your room deprives other fossil enthusiasts from finding them.

Urban fossils are as real as fossils found in the field and have many advantages. On the one hand, they are usually very accessible, since you can find them on the pavement of streets or the walls of buildings. On the other hand, they cannot be removed from their places, so they are available to anyone curious enough to see them. The main goal of Paleourbana is to provide a global database of urban fossil sites for fossil lovers all over the world.
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I am not a professional Palaeontologist, so please, forgive any mistakes in this website and feel free to make suggestions to improve it.

Rubén Santos Alonso
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